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p5.js is a collaborative project created by many individuals, and you are invited to help. All types of involvement are welcome.


Github is the main place where code is collected, issues are documented, and discussions about code are had. Check out the development tutorial to get started, or create your own library.


Everyone loves documentation. Help is needed porting examples, and adding documentation, and creating tutorials.


Check out the education page on the wiki to view resources from past classes, workshops, and events. Add your own links!


p5.js is looking for designers, artists, coders, programmers to bring your creative and amazing work to show on the front page and inspire other people. Submit your work! Get in touch at

Something else? — p5.js is looking for designers, artists, writers, organizers, and any other role you can think of. Get in touch at


p5.js is actively developed by Lauren McCarthy in collaboration with many others.

Evelyn Eastmond helped conceptualize this project from the early stages and did signicant work with core code structure and organization, and creation of educational materials.

Dan Shiffman added the vector and math functionality, and developed examples and materials while running some of the first trials of p5.js in the classroom.

Jerel Johnson created the visual identity, logo, and website design.

Sam Lavigne is leading the development of the p5.js IDE.

Jason Sigal is currently working on the p5.Sound library and I/O functionality as part of Google Summer of Code.

Scott Garner made the fantastic hello p5.js.

The students and faculty in the p5.js working group at NYU ITP meet biweekly throughout the school year to work on everything from language design and documentation to testing and bug fixes.

Developers at Bocoup, including Yannick Assogba, K.Adam White, and Bob Holt, have made significant code contributions and offer invaluable guidance with JS and development practices.

Many others from around the world contribute code and ideas to the library and documentation.

The Processing FoundationCasey Reas, Ben Fry, and Dan Shiffman, have provided support and guidance since their initial provocation of the project.

NYU ITP and RISD have offered significant support while incorporating p5.js into their curricula.