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Moving Responsive Posters

Project Info

A screenshot of student Carlee Wooddell's poster that interprets the word zigzag using letters that bounce left and right.


What are you up to?

Moon: I'm a graphic designer, visual artist, and design educator. This summer, I taught a graphic design course in the University of Georgia Cortona program in Italy, introducing some basics of p5.js. This fall, I am planning to teach and to study digital platforms at UGA.

How did you get started with p5.js?

My former colleague, Xin Xin, invited me to Processing Community Day in LA in January 2019. They helped me with the tools and logics of p5.js. It was an excellent teaching and learning experience.

How did you use p5.js in this project?

We followed basic tutorials, Daniel's videos on YouTube, and Reference on the p5.js website.

What's your favorite p5.js feature?

My favorite function is related to type and transformation: rotate(). I was able to use and to teach this tool to visualize various ideas about time in motion.

Did you face any challenges working on this project? If so, how did you overcome them?

It was challenging for me, a beginner, to understand the overall structure of p5.js and how code works in general. I had to repeat the p5.js basics a couple of times, and then I drew a chart to memorize and to teach the way I understood the p5.js structure and code with strong constraints I set up. It was an excellent teaching and learning experience.

What's a cool thing we should check out?

Check out the Design Triennale in Milan, Italy.

Where can people learn more about you?
@borderrider (Instagram)