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Processing fun times JavaScript quirkiness

Processing simplicity times JavaScript flexibility

Processing intuition times JavaScript power

Processing creativity times JavaScript dynamism

Processing community times JavaScript community

the power of Processing times the reach of JavaScript

Programmed Plotter Drawings

Project Info

A drawing of a sine wave lerp plotted on black paper with an AxiDraw V3 and a turquoise gel pen. A drawing of a sine wave lerp plotted on black paper with an AxiDraw V3 and a white gel pen.


What are you up to?

I just graduated from Ryerson University's New Media program. Coming from 4 years of coding and making robots, I decided to take a break and play with some more traditional forms of art—while still coding and playing with robots.

How did you get started with p5.js?

I first started using p5.js at NYU ITP Camp! After using Processing for many years, I wanted to try something new.

How did you use p5.js in this project?

I used p5.js in this project to generate the sine wave and lerp (linear interpolation) formulas and display the visuals in the p5.js Web Editor. I then used a feature in my code that exported my programmed graphic into an SVG file. I needed an SVG file to give to the plotter—an AxiDraw V3—so that it understood where to draw the lines that I programmed. I sent this information to the plotter with a program called Inkscape!

What's your favorite p5.js feature?

lerp() because lines are fun and "lerp" is a fun word to say!

Did you face any challenges working on this project? If so, how did you overcome them?

It was my first time using p5.js, Inkscape, and a plotter! I really benefited from the people around me who had used p5 before, as well as online guides and forums.

What's a cool thing we should check out?

@gandyworks on Instagram—super cool analog plotter stuff.

Where can people learn more about you?
@roni.cantor (Instagram)